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    How to Choose the Best TEFL Teacher Training Course

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  • How to Choose the Best TEFL Teacher Training Course

    How to Choose the Best TEFL Teacher Training Course
    Admin - Mar 11 2016

    Deciding to become a teacher is a great decision. It is a rewarding career that offers limitless possibilities for anyone who wishes to impart knowledge and skills to fellow humans. To become a competent teacher who can teach professionally, it is important to ensure that you undergo the best training available today. Many institutions offer teacher training courses for aspiring teachers. However, before you choose which teaching course to pursue, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    ·      Confirm that you meet the minimum entry requirement. It is always advisable to contact the training provider and the schools to get more information.

    ·      Make up your mind which age group you would like to teach. Remember there are several to choose from; pre-school, primary, secondary, college and post graduate.

    ·      Decide which subject you wish to teach.

    ·      Ensure the training provider you choose has a vacancy in their institution. Most of them will be announced on media.

    ·      Choose a pathway that will lead you into teaching.

    Now that you have considered the points above, there are several pathways that you can follow to get into teaching. Here are several that will equip you with the skills necessary to land you a teaching job.

    University courses

     These are best suited for those looking for conventional methods of education. While choosing a university, it is important to go for those that are recognized and respected for offering the course you intend to pursue. You will, however, need to do research to ensure that the programs they are offering are accredited because not all programs are the same.  Some states require unique certification for their teachers. It is, therefore, wise to first ensure that the teacher training course you select meets the requirements of where you want to teach.

    Career switch programs

    These programs offer a unique opportunity for adults who are already in other careers but would like to become teachers. Some countries like the United Kingdom provide school direct programs which ensure that you earn a salary while training in a school.  Joining an alternative certification program offered in colleges is the first step to becoming a teacher straight from another career. To find out if you qualify, you might have to check with the National Center for Alternative Certification.  Courses offered can be taken in class or online.


    Theseallow you to attend long distance learning online, with the target being adults in the working-class. There are so many online programs offering different courses, and that is why it is imperative to ensure that the institution is accredited.  The advantage is that they are very flexible, but they also require a lot of self-motivation and discipline.

    Teach for America

    This one offers five weeks intensive training program to fresh college graduates. The training is very rigorous. It provides trained teachers to extremely stressed schools with low income.

    Many schools tend to give the first consideration to teachers from the university who have undertaken conventional training in teaching. However, the other training options are also useful as they provide convenient alternatives that will suit your lifestyle and budget.

    ESL certification

    ESL certification is a requirement for those who may be seeking to teach English as a second language (ESL) locally or abroad.   ESL training ensures that teachers have a mastery of content as well as techniques that are useful in teaching English. To meet the certification standards, aspiring teachers must demonstrate a broad knowledge of linguistics in English. The main focus areas are in the four domains of language which are: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    Apart from licenses issued after certification, most states require teachers to continue education to retain their license.

    Training opportunities are available for those seeking to teach a particular subject, grade or teach those with special needs. Here are some courses available to teachers who want to teach specific classes and special needs.

    Early Childhood Training

    To become a pre-school teacher, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree if you wish to secure employment in a public school. If you target to work in a private school, a high school diploma or an associate degree will do. Certification in first aid is also a requirement. 

    Early Childhood Training usually trains a teacher to work with very young children ranging from birth to the third grade. The course teaches on tasks that are unique to pre-primary education. Coursework will mainly include topics on human development as well as curricular development. Focus is on methods of teaching multiple subjects, but topics on classroom management, instructional design, and parent-child relations are also covered.

    In the U.S, the majority of community colleges will offer a certificate program for one year. With a certificate in early childhood, you can work in daycare facilities as an assistant teacher. They also offer an associate degree which takes two years. An associate degree will enable you to work as a teacher in a daycare center or private nursery schools. Universities offer a degree in early childhood which will allow you to work as a teacher in a public school teaching children in pre-school and early primary stages. At the university level topics covered are a little different as they include; history of education, ‘Human Growth and Development’, college writing, childhood literacy and curriculum methods.

    If you prefer a more flexible schedule, online programs are available but as earlier said, it is imperative to confirm whether the institution offering the online course is accredited.

    Elementary Teacher Training

    Elementary teacher training prepares aspiring teachers for teaching multiple subjects to children between grade 6 and 8. Courses taught will cover teaching methods for various subjects. Topics in assessment, human development, education technology and curricular building are also taught.

    High school Education Degree

    Courses offered prepare aspiring teachers to specialize in one subject. While pursuing a secondary education degree at the university, you will cover topics on professional Teaching, curriculum development, and education technology. Human development is also covered under this program, with a particular focus on adolescent development.

    Special education degree

    Special education courses focus on the unique needs of a learner within a particular age bracket.  Focus may also be grade specific, or on those with a particular type or level of disability. An aspiring teacher may decide to specialize in dealing with learners with autism or those with language and speech impairment. Coursework will center on curriculum development, classroom management, as well as be competent in assessing and evaluating disabilities. The psychology of human behavior and interaction is also a topic of interest to teachers who want to teach learners with special needs. 

    As evident from the information above, many training opportunities will help you become a teacher. Whether you are a fresh graduate from high school, or you are already successful in another career, there are numerous pathways to teaching. 

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