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    10 Resources That Will Make You Outstanding in Spoken English

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  • 10 Resources That Will Make You Outstanding in Spoken English

    10 Resources That Will Make You Outstanding in Spoken English
    Admin - Jul 08 2016

    It remains a mystery in my world how great public speakers like Martin Luther gathered the attention of his audience within the first sentence of his speech. Ever wondered if you could get a resource that could help you improve your spoken English to a tune that would be appreciated and celebrated by your audiences? Well its time you read this since it’s an ultimate solution to spoken English.

    I will provide and discuss 10 best resources where you can gain absolute command and control over spoken English.


    The English club is one of the most trusted online spoken English learning platforms. With their amazing belief in the four language skills, they support the fact that spoken English is the second of the four language skills. The English club embraces a much more holistic way in teaching of spoken English.

    The following are the key lessons that you will encounter at the English club website.

    ·       The great importance of spoken English.

    ·       Addressing people in English.

    ·       Handling greetings in English.

    ·       Telephoning skills (you do not want to miss this).

    ·       Making presentations in English.

    ·       Handling small talk in English.

    ·       Handling heated arguments in English.

    The English club is well empowered to teach you English. It is a great resource in learning of the language.



    Is your English level advanced or even intermediate? NPR ORG is the ultimate resource to improve categorically, your American English. One of the greatest advantages of this resource is the benefit of the all-time changing trends in English. All improvements in the English language are timely expressed and updated at NPR ORG keeping you updated and excellent in your skills.


    3.  TED.

    Famous for its great contributions to the world. Bringing closer innovative people. Making it a possibility to spread ideas. Ted is one of the classic resources where you can learn spoken English in a comfortable way. With great speakers in the TED platform, one gets much information regarding learning spoken English.


    TED spreads ideas normally in short video talks where people showcase absolute speaking power. You will be motivated to learn spoken English once you visit TED.


    TED will help you develop the following skills effectively:

    ·       Learn the right pace in which to speak English.

    ·       Sharpen your pronunciation and raise excellent listening skills.

    ·       Grow your vocabulary bank in a natural and authentic way.

    Watch the following great video about: Why We Do What We DO by Tony Robbins at TED TALKS.


    4.  FILMS.

    One might wonder why I put films at the top of my list. Essentially, films motivate. Motivation is one of the determining factors to a second language acquisition. Learning from films is motivating and enjoyable. Most films come along with extensive glossary of vocabulary and expressions. Film can also act as a springboard for follow up tasks such as discussions and debates and social issues.


    5.   ALISON:

    7 million learners are already enrolled to ALISON, the greatest online network of all times for learners. The trend of the business world is currently guided by the English language. Knowing the best way to speak English will go an extra mile to making you greatly successful in business. Being enrolled to ALISON, you will learn English online from the comfort of your workplace or even home, gaining exsuite skills that will keep you at the top of your business market.



    This is the best resource in the world according to me. Great people have been empowered by this book to learn the method of expression. Dale Carnegies perfected the art that converts those with the expected public speaking fears into excellent professionals who speak out their minds with great poise and enthusiasm.

      Dale Carnegie starts with basic spoken English tips also referred to as public speaking tips and paves a clear way into teaching you how to actually deliver the talks. You can be on your feet and presenting professionally in a very short time. His lessons will teach you an even better method or integrate you into using sophisticated techniques like attention gathering, voice modulation and raising your idea pyramids to create impact and audience persuasion.

    Dale Carnegie public speaking book ideas are kept precise and clear providing a guaranteeing personal direction, individual attention and a great consultation about your presentation style.



    Have you tapped into the power of YOUTUBE in a bid to exploit and improve your spoken English? Do you know that you can improve your spoken English in a great way by having selected resources from YouTube? I will show you exactly why I support this statement.

    National Geographic: being one of the largest you tube channel with around 3 million subscribers, this channel approaches various fields of nature from wildlife, natural history, archaeology and many others. This you tube channel covers its scenes in clearly spoken descriptions with idioms and the great anatomy of English. It can serve as one great resource for learning spoken English.

    Nobel Prize: watch the breath taking interviews of the past and current Nobel Prize winners. You will learn a huge lot of information on expressing yourself using spoken English.

    TED-Ed: Again a wealthy resource of great people expressing their ideas to the world. The TED network of resources if carefully harnessed will and would be a great resource for learning spoken English.

    Have a look at these videos from you tube.



    One of the greatest resources for teaching and learning English. I am extremely convinced that this is the place to go when you need to enrich your English speaking skills.

    The English pages will help you develop ultimate skills by helping you integrate the following aspects of spoken English into your vocabulary.

    ·       Learn and use English quotes( an amazing way to get your audiences’ attention)

    ·       Learn how to integrate jokes in your delivery of spoken English.

    ·       Learn vocabulary for various topics.

    ·       Further your skills by understanding the great importance and usage of figures of speech.

    ·       Learn how to use idioms in your delivery.

    ·       Get several kinds of dictionaries to use to gain a complete mastery of the diction art.



    A set up of amazing activities and resources for practice. Some of these resources relate to current events for example current television interviews resources. These resources include quizzes, videos, vocabulary practice, use of crosswords, correct use of idioms and much more. However, you might have noticed I brought this to the bottom of my list. The BBC learn English online platform comes along with British accents.


    At BBC learning English classes, you will visit various areas showcasing the language usage at work. You will be migrated from the simple aspects of English usage and get a completely different dimension working with Non- defining clauses, relative clauses and phrases usage.


    Visit this resource for a great turn around in the mastery of English.



    Are you an advanced learner or a savvy internet user with the zeal to learn spoken English?


    This site resource from the famous Oxford University Press has the best activities to engage yourself in the practice of spelling, English grammar pronunciation and much more in listening.


    This resource has the widest range of lessons. It is composed of resources for all walks of life. Kids can enjoy using this site as well as the adult’s fraternity.


    At Oxford University Press you will learn a bunch of things like: Business English (suitable for aspiring business men and those who want to improve their quality of spoken English), grammar and vocabulary and purchase their materials as well which are renowned worldwide for their great resourcefulness.



    The resources cited above are priceless. A great team made the resources available for you. If your need is learning Basic English terms and speaking methodologies, the resources effectively accommodate you.

    For advanced spoken English learners, the resources will automatically scale your height of spoken English. Use them as often as possible.

    Remember that you cannot succeed in spoken English unless you practice effectively. Go for it today and be the best master of spoken English.

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