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    Six Ways Teaching English Abroad Can Help Your Career

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  • Six Ways Teaching English Abroad Can Help Your Career

    Six Ways Teaching English Abroad Can Help Your Career
    Admin - Feb 02 2016

    Teaching English abroad is a great way to see the world and make money. There are a lot of benefits to living and teaching overseas, and most people find the work rewarding and fulfilling.  However, not everyone wants to be a teacher forever.  If you are interested in teaching English abroad, but have been worrying about what career options will be available to when you return.  Fear not.  Teaching English abroad looks great on a resume and can actually help develop skills that are beneficial in all work environments.  Here are the top 6 ways that getting a TEFL certificate and teaching English abroad can help your career.

    1. Language immersion

    Since you”ll be living in a country where English is not the predominate language, you will be learning – voluntarily or not – how to speak with the locals.  Some teachers become bilingual and others learn enough to get by, but the experience of language immersion is enough to give you an edge when applying for another job.  

    2. International job experience

    International job experience will set you apart from the masses when applying for a job.  With a fear of that gaping hole in their resume and the U.S. job market still on the rocks, teaching English in another country seems to be the perfect solution for many recent college graduates.  They may not be a teacher forever, but having international work experience on their resume is impressive to employers.  Seeing another country on a resume is different and interesting, and might intrigue an employer enough to ask you to come in for an interview.

    3. Cultural understanding

    Having a strong understanding of other cultures is important for many careers.  After teaching and living in another country, you will learn a lot about that country”s culture and customs, as well as learn an abundance about neighboring countries and the region as a whole.  This understanding will give you a broader world view, allowing you to think in more international terms when conducting business and interacting with people.

    4. Interpersonal relationships

    As you become accustomed to a different culture, you will have to learn how to actively build relationships with people who are totally different from yourself.  Learning how to effectively build interpersonal relationships with people who have grown up in a culture totally different from your own is a key skill in a professional environment.

    5. Improves communication skills

    Apart from learning another language, teaching classes or tutoring individuals in English will help you with your own communication skills. Communicating effectively and clearly is something that all employers look for in all career paths.

    6. Builds confidence

    Not everyone can pick up and relocate to another country.  People who live and teach abroad are strong, independent individuals who have a sense of adventure and a desire to travel.  When you take that leap and land on your feet it builds character and confidence.  Future employers admire confidence in employees and will be impressed that you had the courage to move overseas.

    Now that you know how teaching English can help your career, you just have to get the TEFL certification and get on that plane!  Check out a TEFL institute for the certification and you have taken the first steps to following your dream of living abroad!

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