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  • Welcome to TEFL World. We have the latest listings for TEFL teaching jobs abroad and a wide variety of other resources for professionals interested in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You can find jobs, post a resume, find TEFL training courses or promote your private tutoring. In addition, TEFL World contains information about Teaching English as a Foreign Language, teaching resources, teacher lesson plan ideas as well as TEFL teaching resources. Please browse TEFL World to find teaching jobs abroad and many other resources for TEFL teachers worldwide.

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    This open site is a free and growing resource for the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) community worldwide. Posting is free and can be viewed by thousands of TEFL schools, teachers, students, related service providers all over the world. In addition, as with any website or forum, it can be read by others as well. TEFLworld.com doesn't know everyone in the industry nor everyone that uses this site. The world is full of individuals looking to take advantage of others so please...use caution, discretion and common sense whenever you interact with anyone online, regardless of the site.


    For site postings, we use an internal CAPTCHA image.  If you can’t see the CAPTCHA image, it may be AdBlocking or internal blocking from Chrome browser.  Try a different browser or turn off AdBlock software.

    We use Google reCaptcha for security in apply form to reduce spam. Simply click on the “I am not a robot” link and follow the instructions to prove you are a human rather than robot.

    There are some places, such as China, that have firewalls to prevent sites such as Google from showing. If you encounter this problem and still wish to post your teaching job or respond to a posting, please consider using a VPN service.

    For more information, please see the following two links


    Tips How to see Captcha
    Tips How to see Captcha


    We have gathered a lot of information and advice on scams which is listed on our Job Scams Advice Page and Job Scams Listings Page. Please always be aware that the amount of fraud online is growing across the internet around the world. Knowledge is key and caution is the guide so live by the old caveat that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Also, very important: NEVER send money to schools, rectuiters or anyone online. ALWAYS limit your personal information that you share. See Identify Theft below.

    Identity Theft

    Before you post personal and contact information on this or any website, be aware that it will be indexed and viewed all over the internet therefore can be used for unwanted purposes, starting with identity theft. Some important information to avoid providing: Date and Place of Birth, Full Name (First, Middle, Last), Complete Mailing Address, Passport Number, Phone Number. All this information can be provided after you have begun the interview process and confirmed that they are legitimate.

    Consider putting all your information (Resume, Image, etc.) in a secure PDF document which can be made in Word (save as PDF). More information on securing Adobe PDF files

    Some Helpful Information/Tips to secure your information:

    Restricting changes to an Adobe PDF document:
    1. With the PDF document open, choose Document > Security > Restrict Opening and Editing
    2. In the password Security dialog box, select which version of Acrobat is required to read the document.
    3. Select the check box under 'Permissions', and then type a permission password. This password is not required to open the document, only to change the security settings. It must be different from the 'Open Document' password.
    4. Specify which printing and editing changes are restricted or allowed, and then click ok.
    5. Confirm the Permissions password, and then click OK.

    Adding a Watermark to your Photos:
    1. You can add a watermark to your photos using an online program such as PickMarkr: http://picmarkr.com/
    2. You can add a watermark to your photos using Adobe Photoshop by following the instructions here: http://www.all-things-photography.com/add-a-watermark.html

    To Learn More About Identify Theft, please visit the Federal Trade Commision Site.

    Search Engine Caches

    If you want the option to delete a post in the future, make sure to provide a password when posting. Regardless, search engines cache the first couple of lines of a post so even after deletion, it can still be viewed. We have no control over the policies and practices of the major search engines.

    Recruiters and Training

    You will find many stories, both good and bad, surrounding the use of recruiters. We advise that you make your own mind because there are recruiters that provide a valuable service to the TEFL teacher community by vetting schools and positions prior to offering positions. Please feel free to view our Teacher Discussions or our TEFL World Recruiter Page.

    If you need teacher training prior to accepting a position, please see our Teacher Training Page .


    Our posting forums email address box protects your email address against robots looking for email by providing a 6 digit security code that must be entered to view the email which stops robots from obtaining your email. Regardless, this doesn't protect against manual extraction by a human. We recommend that you not post personal emails in the body of your posts nor provide emails of other individuals such as references. Many posters obtain a free email through google, yahoo or hotmail specifically for postings so as to never disclose their personal/private email address.

    Your Privacy

    TESall Group does not send spam in any way, directly or indirectly, nor do we maintain emailing lists. Spammers sometimes use our name as an introduction to scam individuals. If you are contacted from an Icon Group Thailand site asking for personal information, please note this is a scam and contact us to report this though we have very little control in stopping the spammers around the world.

    Helping Others

    To help other people to avoid the same problems, share your advice and experiences on our Teacher Discussion Forum. Please be mindful that we don't allow profanity, threats or attacks of a personal nature in postings.

    If you come across a scam, please contact us so that we can add it to our Jobs Scams Listing.

    Information and Guides

    We have many sources of information to help the new or experienced teacher:

    Teacher Question and Answer Forum
    New Teacher Guide
    TESOL Guide - Country Information
    Teacher Discussion Forum
    Job Scams Advice

    Contact Us

    We welcome your emails. We carefully review each email we receive.

    By using this site, you agree that we bear no responsibility regarding any info on this site. Enjoy the site, enjoy the submissions and enjoy your life. We will you the best as you teach English and travel the world. That's an amazing thing! Celebrate and investigate, collaborate and commiserate, laugh and cry, shake your head and wonder why. That's what TEFL World is all about.

    Site Administrator will make the final decision on any and all information, posts, requests, etc. for posting on this site. Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy regarding further information on the use of this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can learn more about Icon Education Group here.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of TEFL!