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    Online education is the future

    Online education through distance learning courses is in huge demand for being flexible. There are numerous advantages but disadvantages are no less. Studying hard will result to a better job.

    Teacher Professional Development and Whole Brain Learning

    Researchers have found the whole brain teaching method to be extremely successful in helping students reach their full potential. This teaching method can help students improve their test taking approach, math and verbal skills, and their ability to concentrate and retain what they are being taught.

    7 Tips for Writing an E-Mail Cover Letter

    Many school districts accept e-mail cover letters and resumes. There is a proper way to submit these when you are job searching. You will want to ensure your cover letter to be neat, enticing, concise, easy to read, and in a professional format. Try to make your email look different than “just another e-mail”. Most employers will print the cover letter out to keep it on file with your resume, so making an excellent impression is critical.

    Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

    Education plays a unique role right from the birth of humanity in its onward journey. In the background of the emerging global country of 21st century, education has incomparably challenging roles to play. The 'global family' becomes a close-knit community, minimizing and eliminating geographic, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and all other barriers and the role of education has to undergo a conspicuous change. At this era of reconstruction and redefi

    Conducting Effective New Hire Training to Reduce Turnover

    New hire training is an effective way to reduce the rate of turnover and enhance the acculturation and productivity of new employees in companies. By showing an upfront commitment to new hires, new hires will be confident in their decision to join your organization, motivated and equipped to produce their best work immediately, and more likely to stay. Invest in them early and they'll stay longer.

    Teaching - Is It For You? An Honest Appraisal Of The Ups And Downs Of

    Teaching is not for everyone. It is hard work, has long hours and pay is only average. What about the holidays? Well, yes every job has its compensations. The holidays in most countries are fair reward for the hard work during the academic year.