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    Power Struggles? Teacher Vs Student

    What is a power struggle? A power struggle is the fight for power in the classroom. The typical power struggle occurs when a teacher implements consequence and a student refuses to comply to that consequence. When a student acts out in class it is hard not to yell right away at the student especially when it is a students who always misbehaves. The best way to confront a student who misbehaves is to address the problem the first time it happens! Do not wait until the third or fourth time because by then, students already think they can walk all over you. If rules are made in the beginning of t

    Dealing With Cell Phones in Class

    Cell phones are becoming more and more popular and parents are starting to get them for their kids at younger at younger ages. While they can be very useful and convenient they just don't have a place in the classroom. Here are some great tips for minimizing distractions caused by cell phones in the classroom!

    Classroom Management Part V - Tackling Talkers, Whisperers, and Note P

    Well, of course you should not tackle them (though, sometimes you may want to). But there are ways of handling that clump of students who cannot seem to resist the temptation to talk, whisper, and pass notes. As the fifth in a series of eight articles on classroom management, this piece will give strategies to help you rein in your gaggle of gossipers.

    Reducing Classroom Management Problems Through Student Participation S

    As a teacher, classroom management problems occur every now and then. It is like a web that traps educators when they least expect it. Much more, it can further drag you down the drain if pre-emptive measures are not taken. Without immediate action, it can consume your entirety, both professionally and personally.

    Classroom Management - 5 Pillars of Success

    You can toss all your credentials out the door. Every one of your letters of recommendation and pats on the back from professors will do you no good. If you stink at classroom management, you will not be successful in the classroom.

    3 Easy Classroom Management Tips

    You hear the same story from teachers again and again; their classroom is a nightmare to manage. There are kids that do not have support at home, who do not want to learn, and state and federal regulations that only increase the burden. One thing is for sure in this day and age nothing comes easy.