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    Tips for Classroom Management

    ~~Planning and executing effective lessons is of course an extremely important part of teaching. The teacher should always ask themselves the following questions:  What is the objective of the whole lesson?  What is the aim of this activity?  How are learners working together?  Who is speaking to whom?  Is the time being used efficiently? The focus of any class should be on developing the communicative abilities of the learners. Ideally the speaking ratio should be 30 percent maximum teacher (TTT) and 70 percent minimum learners (STT). As such teachers need to consider the

    How to Create Effective Learning Environments

    Classroom­ management systems (and especially positive behavior support) promote an orderly learning environment for students. They enhance students' academic skills and competencies, as well as their social and emotional development. Teachers should have the following goals in mind: Develop caring, supportive relationships with and among students. Organize and implement instruction in ways that optimize students' access to learning. Use group management methods that encourage student engagement with academic tasks. Promote the development of student social skills and self-­regulation. Use a

    Effective ESL Classroom Management

    Being a great ESL teacher is so much more than just knowing a lot about the English language. Nothing exists in a vacuum. You’re never just explaining English grammar principles or drilling vocabulary. You’re interacting with real live human beings, each with their own unique temperaments, needs, and ESL goals. The more students you attempt to teach at one time, the harder you may find it to effectively manage your classroom time and attention, which means your students are likely to learn far less from you than they could. Class Size Matters  Working in small groups is generally much mor

    Teachers, Is Classroom Discipline Getting You Down?

    Unfortunately, by January each year, many teachers, especially first year teachers, are awaiting nothing more eagerly than the end of the school year so they can spend the summer figuring out a better way to earn a living.

    Classroom Noise - What Level is Acceptable?

    Some classroom noise is not only inevitable, but desirable. Silence is, of course, important for some kinds of learning and most lessons should have some periods of silence. Learning often does start with silence while students need to listen carefully with no distractions to stop them listening to the teacher, but sooner or later effective learning is going to involve students discussing, exploring, reasoning, experimenting

    Classroom Discipline Tips

    We all grew up with our parents, friends and mentors teaching us through the use of phrases, sayings and colloquialisms that seemed to fit perfectly to the subject at hand. But those sayings can be adapted to lots of situations that we face in the classroom, including the topic of classroom discipline.