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    Room Organisation - Some Guidelines for the Young Teacher

    The way you organise your room (where the boards, screens, desks, your table are) can go a long way to setting up an environment for learning and good discipline. Even if it is not your permanent room, you may be able to negotiate with the "owner" changes to the room that will be more to your liking. At worst, you might rearrange the room for each lesson with the help of a group of students at the start and end of the lesson. Keep the following in mind: 1. You must have clear, easy access to your boards and your table. 2. Arrange the students' desks to suit your teaching style or rearrange the

    Why Are So Many EFL Textbooks So Bland, Boring, and Culturally Tone De

    Why are so many EFL Textbooks so bland, boring, and culturally tone-deaf? Allow me to ask a more polite question. How can English teachers working abroad and international English textbook publishers both respect local cultures and create more engaging English classroom lessons? The challenge may be more complicated than you might suspect. A long, informative, and detailed exchange on a TESOL list serve recently focused on the peculiar sensitivities of Saudi Arabian st

    Flash Card Tips and Tricks

    Flash cards remain one of the best tools for memorizing and learning information. The most common way to create flashcards is to use paper index cards.

    Internet Delivery - 21st Century Classroom Educational Resources

    We are now nearly a decade into the 21st Century and we should be getting used to it by now. While we can't yet predict what a classroom will look like in ninety years' time, we should have some idea of what a 21st Century classroom should look like, at least during the first few decades of the century.

    Graded Materials – A Perspective

    Not long ago, a (non ESL) teacher/friend noticed the term ‘graded material’ in an article and asked me: What? Are ESL teachers expected to grade (mark) their material as well as their students? Graded material, as any ESL teacher knows, is material...

    Primary Resources - How to Use YouTube to Find Brilliant Primary Resou

    Good quality primary resources in your classroom can make all the difference between a positive and happy classroom, and a negative and bored one. If you have good primary resources available to you it can also have a positive impact on you, and your enjoyment of your job.