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    Integrating Technology With Your K-12 Classroom

    Why do we need to integrate technology with a K-12 classroom? Many schools and colleges are using or in the process of implementing various online technologies and solutions to enhance communication amongst students. According to the educational authority, it is the students at large who are demanding the introduction of highly advanced technology in the classroom.

    Instructional Design Training: Creating Effective E-Learning

    Ask your learners what they think of e-learning and the chances are there will be one word that trips off many of their tongues - boring. Whether you are a seasoned e-learning designer or you are about to embark on creating e-learning for the first time, instructional design training can help you better understand how to develop boredom-busting e-learning first time and every time.

    Tips For Computer-Aided Foreign Language Learning

    Language is the medium we use to share our thoughts with other people, more and more people are learning a foreign language in order to communicate with people from different countries who speak another language. To master a language, we need to focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking, and to be completely immersed in the language.

    Incorporate Virtual Learning Strategy In Daily Routine

    Simple and flexible learning preferred by students to get rid of tiresome learning procedure was not the scene before the advent of the Internet. However, acquisition of qualitative learning saw a revolutionary transformation when the web world became a reality.

    Defining Distance Learning

    Distance learning can be defined in many different ways. Distance learning can be classes taken over the Internet, Web TV, cable TV, correspondence course, audio conferencing, CD-ROM, videotape or any other mechanism that allows a student to learn without traveling to a traditional classroom.

    Learning Management System

    An ED Global LMS is a software package that enables the management and delivery of on-line content to learners. It is designed to manage user learning interventions. Most LMSs are web-based to facilitate "anytime, any place, any pace" access to learning content and participant administration. Typically an LMS allows for learner registration, delivery of learning activities, and learner assessment in an on-line environment.