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    How Certificate IV in EAL Helped Me

    How Certificate IV in EAL Helped Me, A Nigerian, Enhance My Life In Australia and My Career Route? I should say that English has always been a major roadblock in my career. I have failed at many interviews. I ruined great many chances to gain success.  I am a Nigerian and I speak Yoruba. I have always faced difficulty in speaking English properly. Am I in Australia Now? I have been in Australia for over 10 years now. I should say that I was actually brought here by my parents. I should say that we have a small community here so when we speak, we speak our language and I think that brought for

    Helping to Scaffold Instruction for ELL Learners

    Abstract: How to assist in getting English language learners help by building strategies into your lessons, and using these tools to create vocabulary and increase fluency. Scaffolding Instruction for English Language Learners As in any good building, if you want to begin properly, you need to build a solid foundation that will support it through the construction process. Similarly, if you want a student to build a foundation of knowledge, you need to construct a base

    Maintining Motivation in Your Language Classroom

    I once had the opportunity to interview a language learner. This student was enrolled in a full-time, intensive language program. She was learning her second language because she was going to go into an international political science course. She loved the idea of working for a large corporation overseas. At the beginning of the course, this learner was highly motivated, excited to get up every day and go to class. By the end of the course, she dreaded spending another day in a small room with the same people she had been learning with over the past several months. When asked, she still had a

    Teaching Jobs Abroad For NQTs

    International schools are looking for NQTs who are trained in the UK to teach core subjects abroad. Teaching jobs in Europe are on the rise according to inquiries and interest. They have noted a significant rise in requests and job postings for UK trained teachers and currently cannot meet the demands from international schools.

    Volunteers Abroad - Volunteer Teaching in Africa

    Volunteers abroad almost invariably return home feeling like they made a really worthwhile contribution to the area they visit. Rightly so, because any reputable volunteer organization will put your skills to work in the most valuable way possible. Volunteer teaching in Africa is one of the areas where help is always wanted - and just because you don't have teaching qualifications right now doesn't mean you won't be welcome.

    Education In Developing Countries

    How do developing countries handle education amid the more pressing everyday challenges imposed by economic pressures and threats to security, law and order? Certainly, there are more serious problems to face, but it is significant to note that education is not forgotten.