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    3 Helpful Tips to Teach Grammar for ESL Teachers

    Teaching grammar is an imperative element of school education. Without proper grammar, written or spoken words usually lose their exact meaning and much of their value as well. It is a significant part of language to get right for which, teachers take special care on imparting the real importance of it to their students. However, the task becomes much tough to teach in an ESL setting. One common way is to focus on the different forms and rules and helping students to l

    Should we use textbooks in the ESL classroom?

    Should we use textbooks in the ESL classroom?   ESL textbooks are a lucrative business and the choice of available course books is seemingly endless. That being said, the use of textbooks in the classroom remains a contentious issue for many teachers and researchers. As is often the case both sides of the debate have valid points that should be considered. This article will look at some of the positives and negatives of using textbooks in the ESL classroom.     It is believed by many teachers and researchers that textbooks limit the learning and creative potential of students and teachers.

    Teaching English in Italy: Some Challenges That Italian Language Learn

    I spent years studying the Italian language and leading an Italian social club in Atlanta, Georgia. All along, I was a teacher of English as a second language (ESOL) at various American schools for 21 years. I was later employed in Italy as a teacher of English for Italian students while, in my free time, I wrote articles, poetry, and fiction stories. The purpose of this article is to provide ESOL and TEFL teachers some tips about the challenges that Italian speakers o

    An online thesaurus to improve your writing.

    Hello, in this short post we would like to share some experience we've had as TurksLearnEnglish.com teaching Turkish native speakers English. To date we've had a multitude of Turkish Adult students from all walks of life and we like to share some resources we've used with them outside of class. Today, we look at how our Turkish students learning English can benefit from using an online thesaurus to improve writing and increase general vocabulary. We think this tool can be used

    Blended Learning for TOEFL Classes

    This article explains how online technology is used to enhanced TOEFL and TOEIC classroom-based courses.

    Encouraging Classroom Language Use - Part 2

    This article will show how an activity can be modified to encourage the four kinds of classroom language (requests, choices, leadership, and manners and values) described in part 1.