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    Ideas for the First Class with New Learners

    ~~The first class with new learners can be an anxious one for all concerned – teacher as well as learners. Below are some tips to make that first class go smoothly.  Lesson Plan: in any ‘first lesson’ it is vital to interact and motivate the learners so they will want to come back again. Thus it is essential to create a positive, supportive and challenging environment. This mean encouraging the learners to work together and raise their awareness of the course as well as using their names and finding ways of making the language/material relevant to them and their lives.  Lesson Ai

    Investigation of EFL Language Learners’ Strategies and Motivational Or

    The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between English Language Learning Strategies (LLSs) and motivational orientations including Amotivation, Extrinsic orientation and Intrinsic orientation. To do so, 131 university students, studying English as a Foreign Language (EFL), by use of cluster sampling were randomly selected. To assess English Language Learning Strategies, “Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL)” and in order to estimate motivational orientation, Language Learning Orientations Scale (LLOS) were applied. Multiple Regression was used to analyze the data.

    Foreign Language Classes as a Paradigm For Successful Instruction

    To put this article in perspective, I should mention that I write a lot of harsh articles about the counter-productive practices used in public education. A few weeks ago I wondered: well, is there any good news? Let’s approach this thing from the other direction and ask: are there still classrooms that are sensibly conducted; are there still subjects that are taught in an intelligent way?

    Using Quotation in teaching EFL

    This article mentions some of the ways to use quotation in teaching English as a foreign language in a classroom.

    ESL Teaching in China - Fact and Fiction About Teachers

    Billy, a former student has come to visit me in Huainan from Hefei, a two-hour ride by bus and a little less by train. He is accompanied by a university classmate, Danny who wants to take Billy's lead in setting up an English training centre in Anqing city. Billy has already launched his business with some success in Bozhou, the city he comes from.

    Teaching English to Children in Japan is Easy with the Right Tools

    Kids have the attention span of an ant! Why wouldn't they? They have everything they could ever want given to them in a New York second. Your biggest competition in keeping their attention is their GAMEBOY and GAMECUBE and that is some REAL competition.