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    Tips to Make ESL Learning Fun!

    Learning English as a Second Language can be a battle. Sometimes, it is difficult to stimulate students to remain motivated, due to the challenges they face, perhaps balancing work and study, or feeling daunted by the complicated nature of the English Language. As teachers of ESL, there are ways of making ESL learning fun. Here are some suggestions: *Play interactive games, whether in a classroom, or one-on-one tutoring environment. Ideas can include scrabble, or lucky dip, using a bag containing spelling words, or conversation or writing topics. Or you can use a shoe-box for "Pick a Box", so

    5 Questions to Ask When Starting ESL Private Tutoring

    When teaching ESL in China you will be inundated with job offers. Your contracted work, usually a training center, university or public school, is your bread and butter, providing consistent checks, housing and visa assistance to keep you legal. You will be hunted after, especially in smaller cities outside of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, etc. Not a week goes by that I am not approached on the bus, in the street or through a friend of a friend for more job offers. These jobs will often come in the form of ESL private tutoring. I have worked with children as young as four to university students

    Teaching Critical Thinking for ESL Teachers - Appeal to Authority

    Teaching critical thinking in the class-room may seem daunting at first, but in essence it is very simple. The purpose is to have students think for themselves, which necessitates question asking. Asking questions is fundamental to learning English, and to critical thinking, so why not tie the two together?

    Second-Language Learning Challenge: Word Order

    When we learn a second language, one of the first things we must get used to is the syntax - that is, the rules that govern the sentence structure - of that language. As we think or speak in our own language, we put the words in a certain order, depending on the thought expressed, and the words we use to express it.

    How I Succeeded With a Lower Performing ESL Student

    The lower performing ESL student needs two important things to reach success - a good solid reading program and lots of opportunities for positive reinforcement. Making a remedial reading class work is just like any other class, only the rate of success is sometimes too often slower and not always easily felt amongst the ESL teacher.

    Educators Report Immersion is Making our Children Ill

    No child, not yours, not mine, nor the child of someone we do not even know, should ever have to go off to school feeling anxious. Perhaps it is the first day of the school year jitters or knowing that you will have to take a spelling test for which you are not prepared. Nervousness over school does happen some days for some children.