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    What Is the Cone of Learning?

    How do you learn? In what manner of learning style do you pick up a new skill or habit the best? In my learning journey, I've come across various learning technologies and philosophies. One of which I believe to be worthy of highlighting as a timeless guideline of learning for humanity is the idea of Edgar Dale.

    Is Experiential Learning for You?

    Story of The Wizard of Oz is a wonderful metaphor for experiential learning. It shows how each character shared an experience yet received a different learning or meaning from it. In experiential learning programs each person is exposed to the same experience but may take away a different learning based on their perceptions, desired outcomes and their learning styles.

    Increase the Permanence of Student Learning by Using The 3 Kings: Feed

    For students to remember and be able to retrieve the information you are covering it's essential that your lesson plans always include time for these: feedback, processing and repetition. If you don't include these 3 techniques your lessons are destined to be quickly forgotten. Ironically, as teachers are increasingly pressured to increase student achievement on test scores, the amount of time spent of these 3 kings of learning is lessening.

    Learning With a Teacher Vs Learning by Themselves

    Learning on our own is possible if a person is persistent and determined to reach goals. But learning with teachers is loads of fun and you never know how naturally and easily the learning takes place - I personally have under gone a lot of both types of learning - but prefer learning with a teacher whenever I get an opportunity for that. This is because learning by ourselves is one of the most challenging tasks as we have to get organized ourselves, keep the self-discipline, time management, persist and keep up the dedication.

    Brainwaves Explained

    The brain is powered by electromagnetic energy. Whether we are mentally active, resting or asleep, the brain always has electrical activity. By attaching electrodes to the scalp, we can view and analyze the traces of electrical activity that represent the brainwaves. Four types of Brainwaves will be discussed.

    The 8 Types of Multiple Intelligences and Its Principles

    Multi intelligence states that intelligence is the original biological potential of human-specific capabilities. This potential varies with experience, culture and the motive to understand the different ways.