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    Changing the Education System by Creating Better Learning Situations

    I meet a lot of parents, teachers and students. All have the same questions about school policies and they want to hear my visions about how schools can improve and how to meet the needs of the students in the best way. People often ask me what I stand for when it comes to education and school policy and my answer is that schools should be better in finding out the students' interests and what level of knowledge they have. Teachers and the schools should stimulate our kids to feel motivated learning more and wanting to explore things. Going to school and learning things should be fun! Anything

    Identifying the Educated Person

    Education looked at as a social enterprise deemed essential for human survival, is a formal system extending from nursery school to prestigious universities. This is so in every civilised country in the world. Having gone through the system from infancy to youth and maturity, and acquired a formal education culminating in graduate and post-graduate qualifications, it is fair to assume that the end product would be an educated person. However, this is not al

    The Fracture of American Education

    Will we become a nation where a segment of our society is forever denied education? Will we become a nation of haves and have nots?

    Mind Power Throughout The Ages

    Scientists estimate that we only use around ten percent of our mind power. - Only ten percent! Can you imagine what would happen if you could access the remaining ninety percent? This article explains how you can do that.

    Middle School Bullying Stopped if You Just Keep Trying!

    So, one of your stop bullying techniques has only made a dent in making the hardcore bully stop. Well, try another.

    Create a Classroom Website

    You do not have to be an expert web designer to create a class website. There are many free and low cost sites on the web that allow you to create a website for your class. If you want more control over your design, software such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver and IWeb are easy to learn programs that will help you to create a more dynamic website.