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    Note Taking in Classrooms - Not Limited to Just Those With a Sensory o

    Note taking can be distracting at the best of times. Listening to the teacher or lecturer and trying to concentrate and understand what he is saying is difficult enough. Then trying to scribble down copious notes which you then can't decipher afterwards just compounds the problem. If the subject matter is partly visual - maybe some complex formulas on a whiteboard or a scientific experiment which cannot be drawn easily, then the task of writing down and visualizing the

    A Complete Overview of The IGCSE Exam Pattern

    IGCSE is expanded as International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a popular international certification for the secondary school. It is also referred to as O-Level or year 11 or fifth form in respective schools and countries, prior to proceeding to advanced levels such as the sixth form or A-level or 12 &13 year or even the pre-university studies. IGCSE was previously University of CIE, Cambridge International Examinations, in 1988. In fact, since 1858, University of Cambridge is the UK local examination board. The term "IGCSE" is a trademark registered of University of Camb

    Learn Study Techniques - How Many Study Techniques Do You Know About

    When there is a need to further enhance the usual learning strategies, there are a lot of options at school. This post will discuss about those techniques that high school and undergraduate students may find very useful. Sometimes, simple things like this - the need to learn study techniques - is the most relevant and that requires your focused attention. Take for example the different ways of note taking of students at school. It is important because it helps a student recall the class lecture, outdoor experience, and lab formulas. No matter what the teacher shared must be noted. And to make

    Short Term Memory and The Ways to Improve It

    Short term memory loss is a mental health illness wherein a person is unable to recall something that happened a few seconds or minutes ago. This kind of mental illness is usually associated with aging as well as other developmental disorders. Short term memory is essential since it allows you to remember that things that you recently did. It is true however, that short term memory loss is irreversible. But contrary to this, there are methods discovered by a

    The Importance of Good Note-Taking

    In the burgeoning Information Age, children and adults need to improve fast note taking speed to handle increased data volume and record spoken information effectively. Otherwise, they will continue to struggle in school setting and in their professional careers. It is important that children begin developing fast note taking skills in their early school years so that they will be more productive through high school and beyond as students, workers, and membe

    Studying for a Content Test

    Preparing yourself for a content test; or a reading comprehension test, can seem intimidating, especially if the idea of reading through lengthy passages and writing long essay answers makes your stomach turn. But here are some study tips to help you master even the longest most boring content test.