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    6 Study Motivation Tips

    Motivation to study is when you have the eagerness to study with your desire to have great marks. Eagerness to study comes when you have a future vision about your life and where do you want to be after graduation from college, without having such eagerness, studying could be challenging. A recent study showed that students who have a future vision so that they know what life looks like after graduation are more motivated than those who don't have a future vision. Here

    How Do You Study? Key Study Skills You Need to Acquire

    Different people have different preferences and ways of doing things. This is also true in the way people study. A study technique that works for one person will not necessarily be effective for everyone. There are, however, some general practices that can help each learner minimize wasted time and frustration, and help them maximize their academic performance.

    Essential Education Skills for All Students - Student or Honeybee?

    Have you ever taken a moment to watch a honeybee in action? Did you marvel at the way she methodically drifts from flower to flower collecting her "basketfuls" of pollen, only to navigate unerringly back to the hive? Did you ever wonder where she learned to do her job so well and to navigate so precisely? The answer lies with Mother Nature, herself.

    Studying Is Not a Prison Sentence

    Why does studying feel like a prison sentence? Common phrases like 'no pain, no gain' give the impression that we ought to be suffering whilst we study. It's almost as though the only way to know if we're putting in enough work is the sense of hardship we endure.

    How To Take Notes From a Lecture

    Have you ever asked two people who sat in the same lecture, to comment on what they heard from the speaker? Chances are, you will get two different perspectives. They may overlap, but because we "hear" with our own understanding, interpreting all the while, what we actually hear may be slightly different from what the speaker intended. If you're a student, then you have to know both how to hear what the speaker wanted you to know and what to do with it.

    Math Worksheets Children Like

    Many children like chess, why? Simply put, it is a game and it is fun and children can play it without using a computer. Can you image nowadays that parents are telling me that their children spend too much time on computers playing games? Parents do not want to see children continue to use computer at learning centers any more since their children become near-sighted by spending too much time on the computer. This article is not about if the use of computer could potentially harm children’s eyes but to find out how to direct children’s interest to do math.