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    How To Answer Questions In A Formal Examination - A Student\\\'s Guide

    There are many able students who do not perform well in traditional pen on paper formal examinations. It many cases, it is simply nervousness. By having a plan of attack that a nervous student adheres to, results can be improved considerably.

    Effective Study Skills For High School Students: 5 Strategies That You

    Are you still searching for them? The active study techniques for high school? Well, then you're not alone. I know that because I was a high school student once. And I know how hard it is to get good results at subjects we don't like.

    Times Tables – Why so Difficult?

    At the present the simple multiplication skills of very many pupils are “good-for-nothing”, and our children are getting worse and worse at the skills. If the situation is not changed, then, maybe, very soon we will be forced to say that most pupils cannot perform simple multiplication.

    How to Excel in Any Exam

    All the people love to excel in their examinations and attain the best grades but the question remains how? This article examines some important aspects required to excel in any exam.

    Educational Videos Make Learning Science Easy and Interesting

    Our kids are inherently curious to know about the natural world. All of us have heard hundreds of questions like 'Why does the moon change?', 'How big is the Sun?', 'What do the germs look like?' and so on, the kind of questions that only kids can ask. While it is sometimes difficult to explain these in a way a small kid can understand, it is very important to engage and encourage the kid's curiosity.

    10 Top Tips For Beating Exam Stress

    10 Top Tips For Beating Exam Stress