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    Easy Ways to Boost Your Spoken English for the IELTS Test

    The International English Language Testing System Test or the IELTS has four parts 1) Speaking Test, 2) Listening test, 3) Reading Test & 4) Writing Test. The test has two different formats as well 1) The Academic test and 2) The general Training Test. Apparently, considering the complicacy of tests, the 'Speaking Test' seems the easiest of all the four parts. But in reality its' not that easy, especially for the candidates from non-English speaking countries. The 'IELTS' Tests are taken with a view to testing the proficiency of a candidate thoroughly in all forms of the English language. Natu

    Understanding the Independent Writing Task in TOEFL

    The writing section of the TOEFL exam aims at testing your ability to write efficiently. You will be supposed to write well-structured essays with the appropriate syntax, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. In all College settings, students should have the ability to write in a clear and orderly manner. The writing section has only two parts in it, making it all the more important in terms of scoring. There is also less room for error. There are two essays for the writin

    What English exam should I take: TOEFL iBT (考托福) or IELTS (考雅思)?

    This article is for students who need to take an English test to study overseas. Here you find out about the differences between the TOEFL iBT (考托福) and the IELTS Academic (考雅思) exams. This article looks at the different format, content and general question types. It discusses which parts usually cause trouble for students and sho accepts the exams. It helps you to make a decision about which one you should take.

    IELTS Preparation Guidelines

    The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an examination that tests your English ability in academic contexts. It provides proof that you have the English language skills necessary to study at a university in the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

    IELTS - Time Out for English

    A prominent newspaper columnist who writes about the IELTS Examination and answers readers' questions about it recently responded to a query from a Thai student who asked how he could boost his IELTS band score in a hurry. The columnist replied that, while taking a good IELTS Preparation course would be necessary, even essential, what was most important was taking substantial time out to gain a sound foundation in English basics.

    Prepare for the TOEIC

    Welcome to the world of English. The TOEIC test is one of the largest language level tests in the world. Preparing for the TOEIC is now easier.