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    Spoken Discourse Analysis in the Classroom

    ~~It can be said that a lot of what happens during the lesson in the act of teaching is unknown by the teacher, this is because teachers are often unaware of the many of the moment-to-moment decisions they make during the class. It can be argued, therefore, that teachers need to be more aware in the classroom and how to self-monitor. One way of doing this is through action research focused on classroom discourse analysis. In analyzing classroom language it is possible to examine and assess objective data on both teacher and learner output. In considering and transcribing language teachers can

    Becoming an Effective ESL Teacher

    Being a good ESL teacher requires more than simply speaking the language. Teachers must have a sophisticated understanding of how the English language works, then be able to teach in a lively manner and develop coherent, well-structured lesson plans. Although this may seem daunting to new ESL teachers, the rewards of seeing students steadily progress and gain fluency in the language are irreplaceable and make all of the effort worthwhile!

    Top 10 Most Effective Teaching Methods

    If you lined up 100 teachers and asked for their Top 10 Most Effective Teaching Methods, you'd probably get 100 different lists. Here's this retired math teacher's tried and proven list.

    TEFL Training Courses – Accreditation and Certification

    For a TEFL teacher about to start their TEFL teaching career, choosing the right TEFL teacher training course can be daunting. When trying to figure out the accreditation of the TEFL course, the task is overwhelming. Thus, information is needed on more internationally recognized teacher training courses and accreditation/certification agencies for TEFL courses.

    Launching Into Teaching Part 1 - Policies, Standards, and Textbooks

    Hundreds and thousands of bright, eager teachers are about to descend upon classrooms throughout the nation. There are few pleasures greater than a first job after a long period of study and preparation. After being hired in many fields a strong support team steps up to guide and sustain new hires during those first critical days and weeks on the job.

    15 things to find out about a TEFL certificate course

    15 things to find out about a TEFL certificate course