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    Spoken Discourse Analysis in the Classroom

    ~~It can be said that a lot of what happens during the lesson in the act of teaching is unknown by the teacher, this is because teachers are often unaware of the many of the moment-to-moment decisions they make during the class. It can be argued, therefore, that teachers need to be more aware in the classroom and how to self-monitor. One way of doing this is through action research focused on classroom discourse analysis. In analyzing classroom language it is possible to examine and assess objective data on both teacher and learner output. In considering and transcribing language teachers can

    Training Guidelines for the Novice Teachers

    When a school looks for a new teacher particularly at the junior level, they create a picture of the teacher they desire. Every school has certain considerations for the teaching staffs and these depend on the setting of the school and the children. While the traits considered for teachers may be different, there are some essential teacher training courses that are mandatory for every novice teacher to ace their competency. Below I have discussed some of the most popular and

    Assignment Clarity

    As a teacher I am well aware that many students do not hear what is said but what they want or expect to hear, and many times they hear nothing at all. This is particularly true when it comes to graded assignments. Students have expectations about what assignments will be given and how they will be graded; they continue to hold these expectations regardless of what is actually assigned. To improve your results, you need to be clear about what is expected. This clarity

    The Bell Curve and Standardized Tests

    I have long been a proponent of finding alternatives to standardized tests, including the use of portfolio assessment and other authentic assessments that measure real learning and not the ability to choose the correct answer. Along this line, I had a conversation a few days ago with another educator about the concept of the bell curve and how intelligence, as it is viewed, can be a more accurate determiner of achieving proficiency.

    How to Become a Learner-Centered Trainer

    Training is not about us as trainers or even the content we have to deliver. Instead it is about creating the environment and guiding the process that facilitates gaining a skill, changing an attitude, or enhancing a professional or personal sense of efficacy around our trainee's self-identified challenges under the umbrella of the larger outcome.

    How was the Dip? A personal reflection on the DELTA

    The letter was lying on the kitchen table, and the postcode said Cambridge and when I opened it I finally found out that the Diploma was over.