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    Facts about Volunteering Teaching in India

    Facts about Volunteering Teaching in India. Volunteering teaching is one of the noblest acts anyone with proper education can do for others. The best gift you can give to anyone is knowledge; this gift abides forever with whomever it has been given. Every other thing can be lost in this world but the education that one acquires can never be lost – it abides forever. When you volunteer in India as a teacher you are offering the most precious ruby that can never be los

    Recall Vocabulary or Recall Krashion?

    “I can’t believe it!” My colleague stated as he entered the office, after teaching the third hour. “What is it that you can’t believe?” I asked. “I spent the entire first hour explaining that vocabulary word. I wrote on the board, put in a sentence, and saw the students take note. However, I asked them about it, none of them remember it.” My colleague expressed his frustration. This conversation is not unique to my colleague. Most teachers have experienced similar situations and were left asking themselves why the students couldn’t recall the vocabulary. My colleague’s rema

    Construction and Destruction Both Develop in the Lap of Teachers

    There have been lots of changes in the social and the technological environment the world over and India has not remained untouched and aloof from such changes since Independence. Such changes have also brought with them their macro-effects directly on our society broadly, and micro-effects on each family and individual, especially the youth. Technological changes are taking place in geometric progression. The moral and social environment in which our youth used to live and get educated three-to-four generations before can now hardly be said to have any major similarity with the modern educati

    How to Avoid Verbal Mannerisms When Teaching

    Have you ever been sitting in class or a lecture or just listening to someone speaking using the same word or phrase over and over again, (e.g. 'ah'; 'OK') so that it becomes distracting? Yes, you have! All of us have words or phrases that we are prone to use often. One such phrase might be, 'That's OK'. It is fine to use these phrases often if they are used in the right context. However, it is not 'okay' to use them as 'space fillers' as you think of what you want to

    Grade Definitions, Something to Consider

    It is the goal of many students to receive the grade of "A" in a course. Students typically aim to boost their grade point averages, maintain scholarships, and of course gain the most information possible from class. There are very few who aim to receive an average or below average (and failing) score. This generally is not the initial goal, but sometimes happens due to various reasons during the process of taking the course.

    New Teachers Are Coming

    Amid the spring rush and the closing weeks of this school year is the need to hire new teachers. It is an exciting time.