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    ESL Mentoring.

    When we are ESL educators, we also become mentors to our students of any age from many lands. This is a two-way process which benefits both the students and mentors. We can create an environment and community where we collaborate to improve English skills, and knowledge of a new land and culture. As the ESL students are learning, we, as their mentors, can learn from them. We can determine what our ESL students can do, not what they cannot do. Our students can seek what we offer, to share our experiences of the paths we have travelled. There are many benefits for the mentors of ESL students, s

    Teaching the under 5s

    ~~Teaching very young learners (under 5s) can be particularly daunting for many teachers. For most it is the first time they have had to cope with children this young, and many are concerned or worried about how to approach the class. Teaching very young learners can be a lot of fun and very rewarding however, there is no doubt that it presents a set of unique challenges.  Young learners are not interested in English per se they are more focussed on having fun, playing games and being entertained. Initially, most young learners are very shy of their new teacher; especially as to them the new

    How To Teach English To Non-Native Speakers

    Teaching English has become a popular way for native speakers to see the world and earn a living at the same time, but it's not exactly easy! If you've never taught before, you might not be sure how to start. When you're trying to teach English to non-native speakers, watch your idioms, slow down your speech patterns and use basic vocabulary that's easy to understand to help your students become successful. Lastly, don't forget about classroom management! Even if you're teaching adults, it's important that you have adequate classroom management skills so that your class isn't running the show.

    The Experiential Learning Cycle and Teacher Training

    Using the Experiential Learning Cycle as a framework for training TESOL teachers can have many positive outcomes including on the confidence and competence of each individual participant. The stages of the ELC framework are explored along with its benefits.

    So You Think You Can Teach English?

    Teaching English, like writing, is one of those occupations that people consider a fall-back option. In countries where English is not a native language, there is great demand for good English teachers. In places like these, it's quite common to hear unemployed graduates, new retirees or unhappy office workers saying, "Well, I could always teach English...", but is proficiency in English all it takes to be a good ESL instructor?

    Working With Foreign Cultures

    Cultures differ in how they communicate, how they use their time, and how they view themselves in terms of empowerment and decision making. The main variables we will discuss are selected from the research of Edward Hall, Florence Kluckhohn, F.L. Strodtbeck, and Geert Hofestede.