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    Young Learner Needs

    ~~There are similarities and differences between Adults and Young Learners (YL) as language learners. It is important to remember that learners are all individuals so the ideas below are general not specific to a learner type. Adults  Can deal with abstract concepts  Can deal with metalinguistics  Can work independently  Understands discourse e.g. will listen to what the other person says & use that to shape their response  Generally internalize all language during individual tasks  Have decided to study English for their own reasons Both  Need drilling  Need cl

    Planning a Young Learner Lesson

    ~~What should I teach? The first thing a teacher needs to decide is WHAT they want to teach. What do children need to learn? • Vocabulary - These should be concrete items in the children’s environment, grouped by category, as vocabulary is easier to remember that way. • Functional Dialogues - Things children say every day. • Listening - Children learning a foreign language can understand more than they can say. • Grammar - Simple, useful structures that children can substitute vocabulary items into and make their own sentences. It is important to include statements as well as que

    Effective Ways of Handling a Multi-Cultural Class

    Academic institutions of learning are now turned into international communities with diverse students of varied and complex cultures. As a result, instructors must strive to put in structures to accommodate all the cultural diversities of students in his/her class. This is very important because educational institutions must be communities where cultural hybridism is encouraged to serve as a pilot community of peace and unity. However, instructors must be assisted with

    TESOL Lesson Planning

    The Art Of Lesson Planning Some people feel as though lesson plans are a waste of time, or that they restrict their teaching freedom. It is true that sometimes we begin a lesson feeling rather under-prepared, but still manage to teach well. In a similar sense, we sometimes spend ages preparing a lesson, only to find ourselves changing direction halfway through. However, lesson planning at some level or other is essential, and good teachers take it very seriously. There

    Structuring Your TESOL / TEFL Grammar Lesson Plan

    Planning a grammar lesson for a TESOL / TEFL class is something that many new teachers find very difficult and this article is designed to offer some advice. Here we are focusing our attention on lessons where the focus is grammar as teachers often find this most difficult of all. 1. The first thing to say is that lesson planning is very important whether a teacher is newly trained or experienced. It is true that an experienced teacher may not need to do as much prepar

    Characteristics of Good English Instructors

    Teachers are the key figures in the English learning process. Their influence is fundamental to their students’ progress or lack thereof. To achieve the desired result in teaching English, i.e. guiding students to its successful acquisition, teachers have to be aware of and adhere to certain essentials. They also need to take into account crucial factors such as classroom atmosphere, classroom management, tolerance, patience, passionate, and other aspects. T