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    Teaching English Grammar: Comparative Expressions Using Animals

    Making Comparisons in English There are several ways to make effective comparisons in English. Using these expressions with animals is one of the more interesting and colorful ways to do so. Here are some of the more common metaphors and similes in colloquial use. "Big as a Whale" With some species weighing up to 180 tons (200 short tons) and measuring up to 98 ft. (30 meters) in length, whales are some of the largest animals currently known to man. "Blind as a Bat" While not quite true, bats are not really blind. They are simply adapted to avoiding obstacles and finding prey or food in nearly

    Place of English Grammar in English Language Teaching

    The grammar is the nuts and bolts of a language. It is the foundational stone to get the grip of a language and master it. So, a sound knowledge and clarity in comprehending English grammar is mandatory for every English language teacher. Just like the nuts and bolts need to be used for the smooth functioning of an engine, similarly sound knowledge of English grammar is a must. An English teacher could inspire confidence in a classroom scenario when she has comprehended the English grammar. She will be able to re-structure and apply it under different tenses without altering the meaning of the

    The Ying and Yang of Grammar

    Where to start with grammar and language learning? If you're a language user (the odds are good if you're reading this article), there are two ways to approach grammar and language use. The prescriptive grammar approach tells you how you should use the language. Think of a prescription the doctor writes, telling you to take pills once a day with food for five days. The descriptive grammar approach is used to describe what really happens with language out on the streets

    How to Teach English Grammar (EFL): Issues and Perspectives

    This article has two main aims: to give teachers a variety of strategies for dealing with grammar in the classroom to explore ways of approaching grammar outside the classroom

    The Secret to 1st Grade Spelling

    Handwriting, reading and of course, 1st grade spelling are among the basic things your child learns in school. These three are very important as your child's learning capacity with regard to these three aspects can make or break his learning habit and his learning desire as he matures. The earlier your child is taught and is made accustomed to writing, reading books and spelling his first-learned words, the earlier he is able to nurture good attitude and behav

    Vocabulary Building

    Nothing pure about it--English I mean. After all, the British Isles were invaded several times, as when, during the 5th century, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes arrived, pushing out Celtic in favor of their Germanic tongue.