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    Laying the Foundation for a Teamwork Perspective with Students

    Teamwork The configuration of today’s work environment calls for people to work more collaboratively than ever before. Similar to how a sports team works together for the common good of the entire team and not just for any one individual. Sports teams typically practice working together on a daily basis that can span over the years. They get to know each other during seasons of individual health, sickness, sadness, happiness, rough times and joyful times. They become very aware of each other’s personality traits along with each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Increasingly, job situati

    Models and Ideas of Blended Learning

    You ask yourself, "What is definition of Blended Learning?" I asked the same question and realized that it is something I wanted as a teacher and didn't have a name for it, nor did I have the technology and administrative support to do it. Now it seems that there are more and more administrators supporting teachers in their blended learning efforts. Personally, I think it sounds great. Our society is on the internet. Learning is acquired from everywhere, why not let this opportunity seek into the classroom. Blended learning is the combination of having face-to-face classes with courses that ar

    How to Engage Students With Experiential Learning in Your Classroom

    As a principal, school administrator, or department head, your number one priority (after safely getting the kids out of the hallways and into a classroom) is to ensure that learning actually takes place in between the ringing bookends of your bell schedule.

    Education 2.0: 5 Ways To Make Exceptional Lessons Of Yesterday The Edu

    In the 80s, as a music teacher for kids with labels and diagnoses, it was my joy to have had the forethought to have school systems buy mixing equipment and teach students how to use it. Was this outside-the-box education, or did I view the current trend and make it part of the classroom experience?

    Excellent Instruction and Systems Thinking - A Virtuous Relationship

    Excellent instructors know the power of metaphor, analogy, and story. They engage in elegant leverage by using something their students know well in order to introduce, explain, and anchor that which is being taught and learned. Additionally, systems thinking is rife with metaphor, analogy, and story. The simple diagrams of systems thinking serve to sketch reality, using circles and arrows and graphs we know and understand to create images that represent abst

    How Does the Montessori Curriculum Differ From Traditional Schools?

    Overall, the main way in which Montessori children differ from traditional students is that Montessori children love to learn. They do not memorize facts and figures for the purposes of passing a test or pleasing adults. It is that passionate love for learning which separates Montessori students from traditional students.