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    Finding Different Descriptive Words

    When people speak or write, they try to find the best way to describe what they are referring to. Using details to explain things makes the topic more interesting, as well as easier to picture and understand. Sometimes, it gets a little confusing trying to think of descriptive words and to remember how they work. In these moments, you may find that you need a little help. There are websites that explain how and when to use descriptive words and give many examples of gr

    Structuring Peer Editing in the Classroom

    Peer revision is a strategy that writing teachers can use to help students develop strong editing skills. It involves allowing students to edit and suggest revisions to each others' works. It is an excellent time saver for teachers, but it is only effective if students are adequately prepared for editing.

    The Works Cited Page

    The MLA works cited page is where all sources used in a research paper are listed. This section is aptly called Works Cited.

    Essay Paper Writing: Organizing Thinking to Generate Main Points

    In the article Essay Paper Writing -- Step 1: Organize Thinking to Create Focused Topic Statement by this author, a process is described for organizing one's thinking about a topic in some class assignment directions in order to develop a clear statement about the assignment general topic.

    A Few Thoughts on Writing International English

    Here is my "dime's worth" (see learning "American English" , or at least your expressions already) on the subject of writing for an international audience on the world wide web. The Web offers you an opportunity, unique in history, to speak directly to millions of potential customers. Some commentators advise that if you want to be listened to, speak to them "in their language". I only partially agree (but then, I'm always breaking the rules!)...

    How To Start A Student Writing Group

    I created a writing group at my school this past year, and it has become a hit with the students who enjoy writing. Let me share a few guidelines and tips that you may use to start and run your own student writing group.