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    Home Tutoring Method and Case Study

    Last year my son, in preparing for a science degree, realised that if he was to achieve his goal, he would need to be reasonably proficient at maths.  After a brief attempt to brush up on the recommended syllabus for the university course of his choice, he downed tools, lamenting loudly that he would never be able to do this because “I am just no good at maths”.   Now, as a teenager, I remember struggling with maths throughout high school.  These days however, at the tender age of 50, I consider myself mathematically proficient.  So, what happened to me between high school and adultho

    Tutoring is not a dirty word

    As a parent, can you cast your mind back far enough to remember what school was like for you? Chances are you were told to be quiet, learn random facts off by heart so that you could stand up and regurgitate them and compete with 30 other children for the teacher's attention. You probably had to sit in rows of desks facing a blackboard and listen to a teacher ramble on for 45 minutes before being expected to complete a worksheet that every other child in the class was also doing. If this style of education seems archaic, it is. But the scary thing is that things have not changed. There are, of

    Stop the Homework Fights: Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Jen had reached her wit's end. After a long day at work, she used to look forward to coming home and spending time with her kids, even if it was just the time in the car on the way to soccer practice. Lately, homework fights had killed any "quality" out of the quality time they spent together.

    Successful Home Schooling

    The decision to home school your child can be a difficult one to make. Many parents wonder if it is the right thing to do. Many wonder if their children can get the same "grade" of education if they are homeschooled.

    How to Use a Private Tutor

    Your child's school activity is falling behind other classmates, his/her grades aren't high anymore, or your child is just not coping with teachers' requirements. All these represent valid reasons for you to get a private tutor for the child.

    Students Who are At-Risk

    Students who are placed at risk due to poverty, race, ethnicity, language, or other factors are rarely well served by their schools (Hilliard, 1989; Letgers, McDill, & McPartland, 1993). They often attend schools where they are tracked into substandard courses and programs holding low expectations for learning (Oakes, 1985; Wheelock, 1992). If parents are to achieve the desired goal of success for all students, they must hold high expectations for all, especia