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    • English tutor for kids and business management, Working in Taiwan

      By: Hans Wang < hswang6802@gmail.com >

      Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2022

      Location: (Taiwan)

      English tutor for kids and business management, Working in Taiwan (43000~48000PHP)


      I want to hire sophisticated and well educated person.
      I am an ophthalmologist.

      I also a boss of medical devices distributor company.

      There are 6 members now in my family.
      Me, my wife, 2 months/o girl, 5y/o boy, one filipina(house choires, tutoring and taking care of my son, international business management) one indonesian(house choires, taking care of 2 months/o girl).
      We live in Taiwan, Yilan county.
      The filipina is going back to philipines 3 months later, because she needs to go back to phillipines to take care of her 6y/o son, her son missed her so much, so we need another well educated person to take place her job.
      Me and my son both speak english. So the english level is very important and essential here.
      You should possess the ability to speak englsih fluently with natural accent.
      The filipina's job here is mainly accompanying my son and tutoring my son with english and everything kids should know.
      Also do company things, international business management, mainly online management.
      And also do some house chores together with the other indonesian.
      Because of the tight cooperation, and our family privacy, so it is inconvinient for you to have day off. But there is one week vacation per year.

      I will shoulder the flight ticket fees for you to enjoy your holidays without worries.
      But you can get access to internet, use internet services to contact with your original life circle.
      Although i pay you high salary, it doesn't mean i treat you as only a employee.
      I will treat you like my sister, my family, i will never look down on you.
      I will also respect you.

      Because we live together, so we are family.
      We both stand on the same level, the only difference is our respisibility.
      I am responsible to protect my whole family, include you.
      You are responsible to help me as best as you can.

      The salary will let you satisfy enough for you to work abroad.
      At least 43,000PHP, but still negotiable.
      The salary is higher than the salary i pay to our Taiwanese employee.
      Because i trust your ability and appreciate your filipino's ability more than our Taiwanese.

      My email is hswang@coneye.com.tw, or hswang6802@gmail.com, this is not scam.

      If you are also interested in working abroad, let me know, we can have a skype interview first. My skype ID: hswang6802

      PS. I prefer female for this job offer.

      Skills required:

      • English Speaking
      • Tutoring Teaching
      • Basic Microsoft software Word, Excel, PPT usage