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    Science, Math, and English Lit teachers needed at NEW bilingual school in Bangkok

    • Science, Math, and English Lit teachers needed at NEW bilingual school in Bangkok

      By: BFITS Thailand < Show E-mail >

      Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2017

      Location: (Thailand)

      BFITS (Bright Future and International Training Services) isnow interviewing prospective subject teachers for teaching positionsthat begin April, 2017. Opportunities to teach with the English Program(EP) at a brand new private bilingual school in Bangkok.


      Available Positions:



      - One science teaching position teaching Grade 7 integrated sciences to 4-5 classes of grade 7 students for 3 hours/week per class for a total of 12-15 teaching hours per week. Additional 1 hour per week for student mentoring.



      - One math teaching position teaching Grade 7 pre-algebra to 4-5 classes of grade 7 students for 3 hours/week per class for a total of 12-15 teaching hours per week. Additional 1 hour per week for student mentoring.



      - One English teaching position teaching Grade 7 English literature/grammar to 4-5 classes of grade 7 students for 3 hours/week per class for a total of 12-15 teaching hours per week. Additional 1 hour per week for student mentoring.

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      • 40,300baht (EP/Content) salary per month plus 500 baht per hour ifovertime.
      • 12month (EP/Content) academic year contract that can be extended foradditional years and additional benefits.
        *No unpaid monthsor reduced pay due to school holidays or reduced teaching hours
      • Monthlysupplemental attendance bonus of 750 baht per month.
      • Endof Contract bonus up to 34,000 baht.
      • Guaranteedyearly 3% cost of living pay increase.
      • BUPAmedical and dental insurance paid.
      • Dependenttuition reimbursement up to 10,000 baht for children enrolled in aBFITS program at a partner school.
      • 2weeks paid vacation (additional weeks for additional years ofemployment up to 4 weeks).
      • AllThai government holidays off with pay (13-15 days annually)
        *Theseare mandatory government holidays in addition to the paid vacation.
      • Paidpersonal/sick days (unused personal days reimbursed at 500 baht perday at end of contract).
      • Assistancein visa extension and obtaining a Non-B visa (Teacher must provideproper documentation-Original degree/TEFL).
      • Workpermit paid by BFITS.
      • Assistance(if needed) in locating housing.
      • Airportpickup (if needed).
      • Yearlyprofessional development training provided for free during schoolbreaks. Topics of training based on teacher requests and needs.
      • WesternManagement.
      Teachers in Thailand ESL Thailand TEFL Thailand Teaching in Thailand


      • Teaching hoursrange from 15-20 hours a week.
      • Class sizes rangefrom 25-35 students per class with air conditioned classrooms andLCD projectors.
      • School hours areapproximately 07.30am-4.00pm Monday to Friday. School hours varywith each school.
      • Curriculum andlesson plans are already developed and provided for each teacher.
      • All teachingmaterials are supplied by BFITS in digital format on a notebookcomputer: Teacher Editions, Student Editions, InteractiveWhiteboard and pre-made PowerPoints, Learning Management System(LMS)


      • Teach assignedsubjects to assigned classes as per schedule provided.
      • Adapt and deliverPowerPoint lessons from Interactive Whiteboard provided by BFITS.
      • Modify and adaptlessons to meet the needs of your class.
        PLEASE NOTE:Lessons are delivered via notebook computer using Powerpoint.
        IT skills are a necessary.
      • Maintain weeklyschool office hours.
      • Maintain studentgrading/assessment using company online Learning Management System.
      • Attend officemeetings or professional development workshops held during officehours.


      • Native EnglishSpeaker (Passport and Degree from USA,Canada, UK, or Australia).
      • Bachelor's Degree(preference given to degrees in education or content area wishingto teach).
      • TEFL/TESOLCertification.
      • Police Clearance.
      • Basic Office/ITSkills.
      • One or more yearsteaching experience preferred (non-experienced teachers will beconsidered provided they have degrees specific to the content to betaught).



      The school is a brand new bilingual demonstration school opening this year. It is located on a large campus in the Changwattana area of Bangkok. All classrooms are outfitted with smart boards and students will have iPads for integration in the learning environment.

      Teachers in Thailand


      BFITS is a leading provider of English education programs togovernment and private schools throughout Thailand. We are a fullservice educational company providing a comprehensivelearner-centered experience. As such, we pride ourselves on taking aproactive approach to the learning experience. Our use of technologyallows us to tailor a program to suit the need of the learner andschool while maintaining a high standard of education and low cost.BFITS works collaboratively as a team with our schools to providethe best responsive educational programs.

      We are not a recruiter. We are an educational service providerwho employs teachers directly.

      If you are a serious teacher who wants to make a significant impacton our students, please consider BFITS Thailand. A resume withrecent photo, scanned degree(s), TEFL, and any other relevantdocuments should be sent to Human Resources at hr@bfitsthailand.com.Thank you.

      Apply Now

      About Teaching in Thailand

      Given the status of English as the lingua franca for globalbusiness, the demand for English teachers in countries where it isnot the primary language is expectedly on the rise. For people whointend to teach English overseas, doing so in Thailand can be anexciting and rewarding experience. According to some job marketanalysts, Thailand offers many opportunities for teachers of Englishas a second language (ESL). Benefits and availability are veryattractive in Thailand especially for adventurous educators who areopen to being immersed in different cultural environments. As such,Thailand schools have an openings for the enterprising Englishlanguage educator.

      In Thailand, the learning of English is a mandatory subject inThai public schools. This is because in addition to global commerce,English has also become the default language of the Internet, ofscience and technology, and even of the entertainment industry. Thecurrent dominance of English as a global language has prompted theThai Ministry of Education to enact proactive policies that willadequately equip Thai students with the communicative tools requiredfor global interaction.

      Science, Math, and English Lit teachers needed at NEW bilingual school in Bangkok

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