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    Teach English in second-tier city - Zhangjiagang (Suzhou) - south city near shanghai

    • Teach English in second-tier city - Zhangjiagang (Suzhou) - south city near shanghai

      By: ABIE (American Baby International Education) < Show E-mail >

      Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019

      Location: (China)

      contact info 
      HR director-- levence 
      email-- levence@lrconsulting-edu.com 
      wechat-- z213028

      school name--ABIE 
      teachers needed-- 2 
      salary --22-25k after tax 
      working hour --25 teaching hours + 15 office hours per week 
      schedule-- 5 days per week (work on weekends) 
      apartment-- free 
      students age-- 3-12-year-old 
      location--Zhangjiagang, Suzhou 
      duration per class-- 30 mins 
      start time-- as soon as the teacher is ready

      native speaker from US, UK CA, IRELAN, AU, NEW ZEALAND 
      20 to 35 years old 
      bachelor degree and above 
      2 years of teaching experience or 120 hours TEFL/TESOL/CELTA 
      non-criminal background

      airfare allowance 
      performance bonus 
      one week paid leave per year 
      statutory holidays 
      2 days off per week

      Introduction of ABIE: 
      ABIE, American Baby International Education Ltd. is a high-end American English education brand. Utilizing the American public school curriculum and cutting-edge products, ABIE focuses on providing a wide range of English language learning opportunities for children aged 3-12. Moreover, our international education group is committed to building comprehensive, diversified, and high-tech educational resources to seamlessly integrate with our wider educational services. Our motto, 'Better, Easier, Faster,' reflects our goal of assisting children in the development of learning, life, occupational, and social skills. 
      Abie, which currently calls 80 cities home with more than 250 centers as of December 2019, has just celebrated its 9th anniversary; moreover, the ABIE family has more than3,000 ABIErs and also has more than 30,000 students across China. 
      The mission of ABIE, What Can We Do Better for Kids? 
      Honesty is at the core of ABIE's identity. Maintaining parental faith in our ability to effectively aid the growth of their children is paramount. 
      ABIE centers are brimming with enthusiasm. It is a feeling that stems from each ABIEr 01001100160„67301001100160„679especially the teachers engaged with students in the classroom. 
      ABIE insists that each ABIEr do everything possible for the children. Asking 'What can we do better?' extends to all aspects of life at ABIE. Providing quality resources to aid children in achieving their goals begins with striving to fulfill their own potential. 
      Service is central to ABIE's mission. Everything we do is done with an eye towards providing superior service for the families who have entrusted us with their children. The integration of domestic and foreign educational resources; 
      Achieving our goal of providing a 'Better, Easier, and Faster' education not only requires a solid academic foundation, but also love and patience. 
      Education is not a work, but a mission. It is also a responsibility. Education will, despite any intentions, affect everyone's life. It cannot be ignored, and should not be wasted. 

      Teach English in second-tier city - Zhangjiagang (Suzhou) - south city near shanghai

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