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  • ESL teacher looking for online companies

    • ESL teacher looking for online companies

      By: Elyse Garett < Show E-mail >

      Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2018

      Location: (Online)

      Objective: To obtain a career teaching children and adults language skills such as reading, writing, speaking and comprehension while meeting their individual needs and expanding cultural knowledge.  

      Professional Skills

      • Academic writing and presentation skills
      • knowledge and experience with different cultures
      • Critical thinking skills
      • Understanding of physiological, emotional, cognitive, and social determinants of behavior
      • Willingness to learn new skills and teaching techniques
      • Aware of different family structures and gender roles
      • Expert in Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and Publisher
      • Ability to communicate in an online platform effectively
      • Ability to work with different age groups
      • Able to complete paperwork in a complete and timely matter

      Professional Experience

      Dada ABC                                                                                                              2018- Current

      ·                                             Facilitating a learning experience that provides students with the opportunity to achieve their best potential while having fun and enjoying the lessons

      ·                                             Interact with young learners and parents using basic English vocabulary

      ·                                             Ability to manage having fun in the classroom while learning and completing lesson objectives

      ·                                             Use of TPR, secondary reward systems and props in all classes

      ·                                             Completion of detailed assessments after each lesson within 24 hours

      ·                                             Responsive to all emails from Dada and student or parent messages

      Spectrum Community Services                                                                             2016 - 2018

      ·                                             Teaching life skills to clients based on current needs

      ·                                             Creating lessons to obtain set goals to becoming an independent adult

      ·                                             Daily paperwork completed and turned in on due dates

      ·                                             Safety is maintained at all times with clients

      ·                                             Appropriate community outings

      ·                                             Following plan and implementing all necessary interventions and treatments


      Various Babysitting Jobs                                                                                       2014 - 2018

      ·                                             Tutoring and helping with homework as needed and whenever asked

      ·                                             Ability to make school work fun and reword problems in a way the child was able to understand

      ·                                             Responsible for the safety of the child

      ·                                             Responsible for coming up with age appropriate activities

      ·                                             Light housekeeping when necessary such as dishes, sweeping, vacuuming and laundry

      ·                                             Problem solving with the child when needed and setting necessary limits

      ·                                             Reporting to the parent anything unusual and the day activities



      Forest View Psychiatric Hospital                                                                          2015 -  2016

      ·            Providing care to individuals in a psychiatric crisis

      ·            Addressing all concerns in a timely fashion

      ·            Creating charts nightly and assuring everything is properly placed in the record

      ·            Responsible for answering phones and always following HIPAA

      ·            Moderating small groups for group therapy

      ·            Reporting any physiological, social or psychological changes to the supervisor

      ·            Responsible for 15-minute safety and wellness checks

      GT Independence                                                                                                    2013 - 2014

      ·         Working one on one with an individual with disabilities assisting them in daily activities with a focus on increasing independence

      ·         Teaching individuals how to cook while being safe and keeping nutrition a top priority

      ·         Accompanying individuals to medical appointments and being an advocate

      ·         Guiding individuals through the light housekeeping duties of keeping a household

      ·         Community exposure and monitoring for safety always

      ·         Creating a monthly obtainable budget with my individuals

      ·         Responsible for daily progress notes that where turned in once a month


      Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Mi

      Bachelor of Science in Psychology                                                                        April 2015


      Troy Athens High School, Troy Mi

      High School Diploma                                                                                                June 2008

      Certificates Completed

      ·        TESOL- 120 hours (2018)

      ·      What motivates a learner and how to capture the motivation

      ·      Potential language and cultural barriers when teaching a student of another country

      ·      Phonology, morphology, lexicology, syntax and semantics of English

      ·      Developing reading ability, enhancing reading skills, auditory and visual discrimination

      ·      Sentence Structure and grammar, informative and persuasive writing

      ·      Listening and speaking conversational English

      ·      Lesson planning and following curriculum


      ·         Gentle Teaching (2012)

      ·       Ability to enhance individuals with disabilities lives in a calm manner

      ·      Conflict de-escalation and resolution skills discussed and implemented

      ·      Appropriate language that is nurturing and beneficial to allow an individual to develop to their full potential

      Extra-Curricular/ Volunteer Experiences

      Disability Advocates of Grand Valley (2011-2015)

      ·         President 2013 – 2015

      ·         Created a platform for students with disabilities to meet and ask for advice from other students with disabilities

      ·         Advocated for solutions to challenges facing students  


      Abroad with Disabilities (9/2014 - Current)

      ·         Help create trainings for both volunteers and students looking to go Abroad

      ·         Created a manual for training volunteers

      ·         Problem solving ways for individuals to go abroad and not let the disability stop them

      ·         Current secretary on the executive board


      Girl Scout Co-Leader (9/2014 - 6/2015)

      ·         Following guidelines and curriculum to earn badges while creating an enjoyable and engaging meeting

      ·         Responsible for coming up with weekly age appropriate activities

      ·         Responsible for all training to become a co-leader and to stay current

      Awards and Achievements

      ·         I am GV award 2013, 2014

      ·         Gold Award 2008

      ·         Green Angel Award 2007

      ·         Girl Scout delegate 2005 - 2007

      ·         Girl Scout alternate national delegate 2007


      ESL teacher looking for online companies

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