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    English tutor and Educated Spoken Arabic tutor to foreign people

    • English tutor and Educated Spoken Arabic tutor to foreign people

      By: Mahmoud Hegazy < Show E-mail >

      Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2016

      Location: (Egypt)

      Currently I work as a secondary school teacher in a language school and I work in the British Institute as ESL lecturer , besides I teach Qur’anic Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Educated Spoken Arabic, and Illuminated Spoken Arabic to groups of Americans, British, Kenyan, Turkish, and Indian people living in Egypt.

      I have a good deal of experience as for sustaining the conversation with slow learners to encourage their involvement in the educational process. I have a calm, approachable disposition and I always aim to put my learners at ease in all aspects of their learning process. I am patient to a far extent with students, I am also friendly, responsible, reliable, punctual, presentable, as cool as a cucumber, is said to be a good egg, modest, laid back, down to earth, innovative, proactive, organized, neat, quiet and considerate. I have designed lots of schemes for helping talented students to improve rather than suffering from fossilization.

      Summary of Qualifications: 

      1- License of Education and Arts, Faculty of Education, South Valley Univ., Egypt

      2- Postgraduate MED TESOL ( 120 credits Diploma for 9 months in the College of Humanities and Social Science in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages- full time) Edinburgh University, Scotland, United Kingdom

      3- Certificate of International Education Experience from Gracemount High School , Edinburgh , Scotland , United Kingdom

      4- ICDL Certificate, version 4, 2008

      5- IELTS test (7.5 out of 9 in 2008)

      6- certificate of Videoconference teacher training workshops for one year

      English tutor and Educated Spoken Arabic tutor to foreign people

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